GUSCO Recycling Program

The more you learn about toxic chemicals, the more you realize toxic chemicals are in our water, air, soil and in our bodies.


As an organization dedicated to energy and pollution reduction, it only makes sense we would have a comprehensive recycling solution. Our recycling program focuses on two main areas: keeping toxic chemicals like mercury out of the environment and the recycling of glass from bulbs and metal from fixtures for reuse. Below describes our process.

Fluorescent, Incandescent and HID Lamp recycling process

  • Our first step in the recycling process is the removal of bulbs from the fixtures in a manner as not to break them.
  • Storage of the bulbs in specialized boxes made to transport bulbs without breaking them. We transport the bulbs several times a year to a recycling facility in Michigan.
  • If lamps are accidentally broken, we store them in a sealed container, pick up any powder that’s spilled and then add it to a sealed container. The sealed container gets transported to the recycling facility.
  • The recycler removes the mercury and then crushes the glass for re-manufacturing.
  • We recycle all metal, wire, plastic and glass from fixtures we remove during the upgrade process for reuse.

Recycling First and Landfill Last

We believe recycling is an important sustainability issue. By eliminating items in a landfill you reduce contamination of ground water systems and lessen the amount of greenhouse gasses being released into the environment.