Carbon Footprint

How LED lighting can have a major impact on carbon reduction

Carbon is produced when we burn coal, oil and gas to produce electricity. The increased levels of carbon in the earth’s atmosphere have created a greenhouse effect which is warming the world. By reducing the amount of electricity we use we have a dramatic effect on our climate. The adoption of LED lighting has the capability of making a major impact in the reduction of carbon in the environment.


Since the early 2000’s the US Department of Energy has invested heavily with industrial partners in research and development of Solid State Lighting or better known as LED lighting. Because of the superior energy savings potential it is estimated that switching to LED Lighting over the next two decades could save the country $250 million in energy costs. Also it would reduce the electrical consumption for lighting.

The above graphs show the major reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases from a food manufacturing facility in S.E. Michigan after going from T8 high bays to LED high bays over a ten year period. By doing so the facility has reduced the amount of Carbon Dioxide going into the environment by 982,877lbs..