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Tyco Electronics’ AA Series offers a unique button style design for internal post fixtures or mounting applications.



• 3/4″ Long Threaded Nipple
• 30–45 Second Time Delay
• UL and CSA Listed
• Durable Polycarbonate Housing
• 1800 and 1200 Watt Load Rating
• Fail Mode is ON


Innovative Design
Tyco Electronics innovative design with the wire leads exiting from the rear allow the control to be placed in tight locations while positioning the wiring for easy access.


Durable Housing
The AA Series photocontrol is constructed of a high impact UV stabilized polycarbonate housing
for superior quality.


Available Options
The 105W and 1068W controls include a brushed aluminum wall plate for installation in standard outlet boxes.
The 105M and 1068M are
equipped with a 180 Joule Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) and are designed to protect luminaries where transient voltage surges
are a frequent and recurring problem. The 105HA is a high ambient temperature photocontrol, designed specifically to last longer in today’s hotter running HID luminaries. This unit incorporates insulation and heat sink to absorb the heat generated by the lamp and other components, significantly adding to the controls useful life.


Common Uses for the AA Series

• Decorative Light Fixtures
• Post Lanterns
• Commercial and Residential Use
• Wall Mount Application


Tyco Electronics’ photocontrols can be used to safely control luminaries with incandescent, HID, or compact fluorescent lamps.



The AA Series is the result of over fifty years of experience designing and delivering superior photocontrols and other lighting accessories in the US and around the world.


Switch                                                   SPST thermal bi-metallic

Fail Mode                                             ON (Contacts normally closed)

Switch Lifetime                                   Exceeds 5,000 ON/OFF operations

Housing                                                Polycarbonate with UV resistant window

Lead Wires                                           6”, #18 AWG, rated 105° C (AA controls)

                                                               15”, #18 AWG, rated 105° C (AA-M controls)

                                                               6”, #18 AWG, rated 125° C (AA-HA controls)

Nipple                                                   3/8” pipe                                                 

Nut                                                        3/8” pipe, thermoplastic

Light Sensor                                         1/2” Cadmium sulfide (Cds) cell



Physical                                                           Dimensions: approx.. 2.05” dia x 1.62” high

                                                                          (not including wiring)

                                                                         Enclosure: designed to meet ANSI C136.10

                                                                         Power consumption: less than 0.9 watts at 120 VAC

Temperature                                                  Minus 40° C to plus 65° C @ 96% RH

Control                                                            Thermal State Switch Type

Load Rating                                                    1800 watt Tungsten 1100 VA

Light Sensor                                                   Cadmium Sulfide Cell


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