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The M Series photocontrols are engineered to meet the demanding needs of utility street lighting control. A heavy-duty thermal bi-metal switch in the M series produces a minimum 30-45 second time delay, eliminating unwanted off/on operations that could be caused by lightning, car headlights or other sudden changes in the ambient light. This feature makes the M Series well suited for areas with high lightning activity.


• Up to 360 Joule Surge Protection
• Heavy-Duty Thermal Bi-Metal Switch
• 30-45 Second Time Delay
• UL Listed
• ANSI Cl36.10 Compliant
• Fail Mode is ON



The M Series is the result of over fifty years of experience designing and delivering superior photocontrols and other lighting accessories in the US and around the world.



Rated Volts                                                   105 – 305 VAC

Frequency                                                     50 – 60 Hz

Operating Light Levels                                Standard 1.5 Fc On

Time Delay                                                    30 – 45 Second Delay On and Off

OFF/ON  Ratio                                               4:1

Fail Mode                                                       ON                                                 

Surge  Protection                                         180 or 360 Joules

Rated Life                                                       4 Years



Physical                                                           Dimensions: approx.. 2.93” dia x 1.98”

                                                                          High (Not including contacts)

                                                                          Enclosure: designed to meet ANSI C136.10

                                                                          Power consumption: 0.9 watts (avg.) at 120 VAC

Temperature                                                  Minus 40° C to plus 65° C @ 96% RH

Switch                                                              SPST thermal bi-metallic

Control                                                            Exceeds 5000 on/off operations

Load Rating                                                   1000 watt Tungsten 1800 VA

Cover                                                               High Impact Noryl with UV resistant acrylic window

Base                                                                 High temperature polyester (PBT)

Gasket                                                             Cross-linked polyethylene

Connection                                                     3-Pole locking-type with solid brass legs

Light Sensor                                                   1” Cadmium Sulfide (Cds) Cell



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