Lighting Design

One of the most important aspects of any LED lighting installation is the design. Without proper design poor lighting will be evident. Lighting is unique and every area has its own needs. A library has different requirements than an industrial facility and a retail space has different needs than a parking garage. So it’s critical you have the right design experience to properly design your area to meet your needs.

Factors driving lighting design

There are two main areas driving lighting design today: energy efficiency and lighting quality. The US Department of Energy has lead the effort to increase energy efficiency in the area of lighting and it has invested 23 million dollars in research and development in LED Lighting. The US Department of energy believes over the next two decades LED lighting will save the country over $250 billion dollars in energy costs. GUSCO only uses LED lighting systems because they are the most efficient.  Why replace your current fixtures with fluorescent when the government is slowly eliminating them. Our LED systems are designed to provide the maximum amount of savings while improving light quality.

It’s more than foot candles, lumens and wattage

It takes experience and knowledge to understand foot candles, lumens and wattage don’t completely account for certain effects of the spectrum of light. The old school thought on lighting was to use wattage to achieve the required light level needed. We have an in depth understanding of the type of white light LEDs produce and we know how to apply it for each application.  The light quality is so much better that you can actually use less light and see better and we use this knowledge when we design projects for our customers.