Energy Audits

Why is it important to audit?

The foundation of every great project starts with an audit. Not every building is the same and energy usage varies with each industry. Your energy consumption depends on the type of operation you have. Whether it’s manufacturing, storage or an office building, our energy audit program will provide us with the necessary information to determine the correct recommendation to implement for your operation.

For LED upgrade programs, our Energy Auditors will examine your last year’s energy usage and the percentage of kWh dedicated to lighting. This will determine whether we can justify the expenditure and meet a reasonable ROI for our customers.

In order to do this correctly, we will do the following:

  • -Collect and analyze the last 12 months of energy usage
  • -Visually inspect the premises to determine your current lighting fixtures, assess the lighting levels and record the wattages of your bulbs and ballasts
  • -Take photographs and measurements of every room in your establishment and map it out in our design software
  • -Determine whether your current lighting expenditure can justify the investment in LED technology

If you would like to have GUSCO perform a no-obligation audit and help you determine how you will benefit from LED lighting, contact us by clicking here.