LED Upgrade

Commercial LED Lighting is an smart investment in your facility, providing improved lighting, reducing your energy costs and your energy bill. Financing your equipment provides an excellent source of capital when acquiring business equipment. Our financing programs allows businesses to purchase equipment for a fixed amount over a fixed time period without having to outlay large chucks of capital. GUSCO provides a Zero Out of Pocket low interest rate lease programs designed to allow customers to implement energy upgrades without worry.

Cash flow – The preservation of capital is the life blood of any business. The negative effects of the economy has decreased many businesses access to capital as well as depleted cash reserves. Financing allows you to preserve working capital for other important projects.

Positive Cash Flow – many times lease payments can be generated to be less than your energy savings creating a positive cash flow. Below is an example of an Auto Dealership that leased their LED upgrade with us. They were able to achieve a $1,521 positive cash flow from day one.

100% Project Financing – Our leasing program allows you to bundle the entire project including installation, design and engineering and disposal into one monthly payment. GUSCO’s municipal financing is an outstanding option with very low interest rates and tax exempt pricing programs unique to their market.