GUSCO – GUSCO Inc. has a diverse group of individuals that have decades of experience in the lighting, solar, wholesale and commercial construction industries. Our goal is to provide high quality support for LED fixtures and solar projects for contractors and customers. 


We provide complete design, design-build and wholesale solutions for LED and solar. Our staff provides high quality engineering and analytics for rooftop, ground mounted or carport solar arrays. We have extensive experience in design and engineering for a wide variety of LED projects. We provide photometric layouts for everything from a gym to a football field, energy analysis and rebate support.


We’re here to help you purchase 10 high bays or a million-dollar solar array. We’ll provide product support, guidance or a complete turnkey solution. With several million dollars in inventory we can ship your orders quickly so you can turn jobs faster. We take pride in providing high quality LED lighting at reasonable pricing, along with economical and efficient solar solutions for a variety of customers.

Our LED Lighting Solutions Mission

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive suite of green energy solutions as well as education and research tools for companies to reduce energy usage, and using the solutions to contribute to the organizations profitability.

What we believe

We believe that by helping our customers develop a winning strategy in their sustainability and environmental leadership initiatives will not only benefit the environment but also the corporation as a whole by:

  • Creating a more favorable public perception of your organization
  • Using the strategy to increase profitability and drive growth and not be a burden
  • Meeting environmental regulations
  • Opportunity for establishing credibility with investors and other groups

Our Core Functions

As an organization we have five core areas we focus on for our customers:

  • Helping our customers achieve and sustain high levels of energy savings
  • Educating our customers in energy sustainability
  • Developing energy saving programs that have a positive impact on corporations ROI.
  • To provide organizations with tools and strategies to improve energy efficiency
  • Advocates for the reduction of greenhouses gases and the elimination of mercury from the environment through reduction in energy usage and the use of new energy technologies